Sample Scan:


    Jay Lynch Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Jay Family name: Lynch

Other Names:

  1. Ray Finch Type: Pen Name
  2. Jay Patrick Type: Common Alternative Name
  3. Jayzee Type: Pen Name
  4. J. Lynch Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: J. Family name: Lynch
  5. Jay Patrick Lynch Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Jay Patrick Family name: Lynch
  6. Jayzey Lynch Type: Pen Name
  7. Phil Space Type: Pen Name
  8. Phil Spayes Type: Pen Name


  1. School of the Art Institute of Chicago ? to ?

  2. Roosevelt University ? to ?


  1. Finch [generic]
  2. J. L. [generic]
  3. J. Lynch [generic]
  4. J. LYNCH [in box]
  5. Jay Lynch [generic]
  6. Jayzey Lynch [generic]
  7. JAYZEY LYNCH [stacked signature]
  8. JAyZEy LyNCh [yellow background]
  9. Lynch [generic]
  10. Ray Finch [generic]
  11. Ray Finch P. H. D. [generic]

Art Influences:

Jay Lynch (b. 1945) stated influences by:
  1. Jack Davis (b. 1924)
  2. Bill Elder (b. 1922)
  3. Vince Fago (b. 1914)
  4. Harvey Kurtzman (b. 1924)


  1. Spouse - Jane Lynch
    Notes: Former.
  2. Spouse - Jane Shay Wald
    Notes: Together they oversaw the Bijou Publishing Empire. Divorced in 1976.