Jeff Jones Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Jeff Family name: Jones

Other Names:

  1. Jeffrey Jones Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Jeffrey Family name: Jones
  2. Jeffrey Catherine Jones Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Jeffrey Catherine Family name: Jones
  3. Jeffrey Durwood Jones Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Jeffrey Durwood Family name: Jones


  1. Famous Artists School ? to ?

    Notes: Partial work with the Famous Artists Correspondence course.

  2. Georgia State University ? to ?


  1. J [generic]
  2. J.
  3. J. [generic]
  4. J. Jones [generic]
  5. Jeff Jones [generic]
  6. Russ Jones [generic]


  1. 1976: Yellow Kid Award - Comic Illustrators and Authors

Art Influences:

Jeff Jones (b. 1944) stated influences by:
  1. Gustav Klimt
  2. Mort Drucker (b. 1929)
  3. Hal Foster (b. 1892)
  4. Frank Frazetta (b. 1928)
  5. Howard Pyle (b. 1853)
  6. N. C. Wyeth (b. 1882)
Influences by Jeff Jones (b. 1944) were stated by:
  1. J. G. Jones (b. 1962)
  2. Val Mayerik (b. 1950)
  3. Mark Pacella

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: Fantastic (magazine) - Role: artist - Year: 1973
    Employer Name : Ultimate Publishing
    Work Title: The Son of Black Morca
    Notes: Fantastic Volume 22 #6, September 1973


  1. Employee of - Continuity Associates (b. 1971)
    Notes: Jones did commercial art and design work for Continuity Associates during an unknown period of time.
  2. Employee of - Crusty Bunkers (b. 1972)
    Notes: Jones did pencil and ink work for the studio during an unknown period of time, possibly during the 1970s.
  3. Spouse - Louise Simonson (b. 1946)
    Notes: Louise and Jeff were formerly married.