Born: 1895 October 16 in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Died: 1987 July 10 in Englewood, New Jersey, United States

Biography: Prolific pulp illustrator for Argosy, Army-Navy Flying Stories, Captain Future, Giant Western, Masked Rider, Mystery Magazine, The Rio Kid, Range Rider, Six-Gun Western, Ten Detective Aces, 10-Story Detective, Thrilling Adventures, Thrilling Western, Western Aces, West, and Wings. He was a brief cover artist for Shadow Comics in 1940.

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.


    Jerome Rozen Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Jerome George Family name: Rozen

Other Names:

  1. George Rozen Type: Common Alternative Name


  1. Art Institute of Chicago ? to 1921