Born: 1940 February 29 in Orkney, Scotland, United Kingdom

Died: 2017 December 29 in Orkney, Scotland, United Kingdom

Biography: Born on Orkney island in Scotland. Royal Air Force, Corporal, 1956-1963, stationed on Cyprus. By the mid-1960s he began producing for Fleetway Publications girls' comics romance and biographical comics. By the 1970s Baikie had expanded his work into other Fleetway, later IPC, titles, eventually working with Alan Moore on the comic Skizz in 2000 AD (IPC, 1977 Series).
During the 1980s, he was one of the several British comic book creators who started producing comic work in the United States as part of that decade's British Invasion. He is best know for working with Doug Moench on Electric Warrior (DC, 1986 series). He continued working in comics until his death in 2017.

Notes: Comics in Other Media (Newspapers):
Cyprus Mail (gag cartoons) (writer, pencils, and inks), 1961-1962.

Fan and Trade Zines:
After Image (United Kingdom, pencils and inks), 1988.
Aspect (United Kingdom, pencils and inks), 1970
Comicon Program (United Kingdom, pencils and inks), 1971.
Jack Kirby Quarterly (contribution) #? (April 19??).
United Kingdom Comic Art Convention (UKCAC) Special Souvenir Booklet (pencils and inks), 1987.

Morgan-Grampian studio (United Kingdom) (artist), 1964.
National Savings Committee (United Kingdom) (illustrator), 1965-1966.

NB: There are some sources online that have his death date as the 21st of December. There was another man with the same name who died on that day in a different town in Scotland (…)


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  1. 1983: S.S.I. Award for Best British Adventure Artist (United Kingdom)
  2. 2000: Eisner Award - Best Anthology