Born: 1905 May 2 in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Died: 1975 July 22 in Altaloma, California, United States

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.

The Jim Stevens pen name is not to be confused with the British 2000 AD (Rebellion, 2001 series) writer, James Stevens, who worked in the early 2000s.


    Jim Gary Type: Common Alternative Name

    Disambiguation: American artist 1930s-1950s

Other Names:

  1. James Gary Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: James Family name: Gary
  2. James Stevens Gary Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: James Stevens Family name: Gary
  3. Jim Stevens Type: Pen Name


  1. Gary [generic]
  2. J. S. G. [generic]
  3. James Gary [generic]
  4. Jim Gary [generic]