1. Joe Rubenstein Type: Common Alternative Name
  2. Joe Rubinstein Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Joe Family name: Rubinstein
  3. Josef Rubinstein Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Josef Family name: Rubinstein


  1. 2016: Inkwell Awards - The Sinnott Hall of Fame Award

Art Influences:

Joe Rubinstein stated influences by:
  1. Burt Silverman
  2. Neal Adams
  3. Tony DeZuñiga
  4. Stan Drake
  5. Mort Drucker
  6. Dick Giordano
  7. Jim Holdaway
  8. Klaus Janson
  9. Joe Kubert
  10. Tom Palmer
  11. Angelo Torres
  12. Al Williamson
Influences by Joe Rubinstein were stated by:
  1. Chris Ivy
  2. Mike Witherby

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication title: The Legion Companion Work type : Book

    Employer name : TwoMorrows Publishing

    Role: Artist Years: 2003

    Work URLs:

    Notes: cover inks for Glen Cadigan's book


  1. Employee of - Crusty Bunkers
    Notes: The artist did pencil and inks work at the studio in circa 1975.