Born: 1956 August 17 in New York City, New York, United States

Biography: John Romita, Jr. (born 17 August 1956, USA) is a comic book artist best known for his extensive work for Marvel Comics since the late 1970s. His middle name differs from his father's, so he is not actually "Junior" by birth.

His early popularity began with his run on David Michelinie’s “Iron Man” (1978–1982).

Romita has had multiple runs on “The Amazing Spider-Man” — 1980–1987, 1996–1998, 2000–2004, and 2008–2009. He has drawn related titles as well, such as “Peter Parker: Spider-Man” (1999–2000).

His 1980s work included “Contest of Champions” (1982), the first limited series published by Marvel, “Uncanny X-Men” (1983–1986), and “Daredevil” (1988–1990).

In the 1990s, he drew “Iron Man” again for a year (1990), the first year of “The Punisher: War Zone” (1992), and the first two dozen issues of a new “Thor” series (1998–2000).

He drew “Wolverine” (2004–2005) and “Black Panther” (2005). He drew “Avengers” (2010–2011) and then the “Avengers v. X-Men” mini-series (2012), and the first year of a new “Captain America” series (2013).

Recently, he has been drawing stories at DC Comics — “Superman” (2014–2015), “All Star Batman” (2016–2017), and “Suicide Squad” (2017).

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    John Romita Jr. Type: Pen Name

Other Names:

  1. John Salvatore Romita Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: John Salvatore Family name: Romita
  2. Джон Ромита Младши Type: None
  3. Джон Ромита-Мл. Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Джон Family name: Ромита-Мл.


  1. High School of Industrial Arts [NYC] ? to ?


  1. J. R. J. R. [generic]
  2. J. R. JR [generic]
  3. J.R. J.R. [generic]
  4. J.R. JR [generic]
  5. J.R. JR.
  6. J.RJR. [generic]
  7. John Romita Jr. [generic]
  8. JR [generic]
  9. JR Jr [generic]
  10. Jr JR [generic]
  11. JR JR [generic]
  12. JR! JR! [generic]
  13. Jr. J.R. [generic]
  14. JR. JR [generic]
  15. Jr. Jr. [generic]
  16. JR2ND [generic]
  17. JRJR [generic]
  18. JRJR
  19. JVR [generic]
  20. Romita Jr [generic]
  21. The Romitas [generic]


  1. 1994: Inkpot Award - [no name]
  2. 1994: Troféu HQ Mix - Desenhista estrangeiro (Best Foreign Penciller)
  3. 2002: Comics Buyers Guide Fan Awards - Favorite Penciller
  4. 2010: Ελληνικά Βραβεία Κόμικς (Greek Comics Awards) - Lifetime Achievement Award
  5. 2011: Scream Awards - Best Comic Book Artist
  6. 2011: Troféu HQ Mix - Desenhista estrangeiro (Best Foreign Penciller)
  7. 2012: Hero Initiative Awards - Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award

Awards for Issues:

  1. 2006: Glyph Comics Awards - Fan Award for Best Comic
    Black Panther: Who Is the Black Panther (2006 series)

Art Influences:

John Romita Jr. (b. 1956) stated influences by:
  1. Milton Caniff (b. 1907)
  2. Jack Kirby (b. 1917)
  3. Alex Raymond (b. 1909)
Influences by John Romita Jr. (b. 1956) were stated by:
  1. Ron Garney (b. 1962)
  2. Todd Nauck (b. 1971)
  3. Khoi Pham (b. 1973)


  1. Academy of Comic Book Arts Type: member
    Notes: Past vice-president


  1. Child of - John Romita (b. 1930)
  2. Child of - Virginia Romita (b. 1931)