Born: 1906 month? day? in Slovakia, Austria-Hungary (1867-1918)

Died: 1998 March 23 in Lorain, Ohio, United States

Biography: John Sikela was an early ghost artist in the Siegel and Shuster studio, working on Superman. He later worked on Superboy #1 and contributed to the Superboy comic through the 1950s. He also was an artist on Siegel and Shuster's Funnyman series. He served in the Army in World War II, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge in Europe. He had lived in Ohio for over 50 years and was 91 years old when he died.


    John Sikela Type: None

Other Names:

  1. Joe Shuster Type: Ghost Name


  1. Joe Shuster [generic]
  2. Shuster [generic]


  1. Ghosted for - Joe Shuster (b. 1914)
  2. Employee of - Siegel and Shuster Studio (b. 1939)
    Notes: Did pencils and inks for the studio from 1940-1943.