Born: 1947 July 6 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Biography: Katherine Collins (born 1947 July 6, Canada) lives in her hometown of Vancouver, a survivor of leukemia. Before her transition in 1993, she had a career creating and commenting on comics under a version of her birth name, Arn Saba.
In 1977, she began appearing on ‘Morningside’ on CBC Radio, discussing old comic strips and other popular culture.
She produced the documentary series ‘The Continuous Art’ there in 1979, exploring comics in culture. It includes interviews with artists such as Hal Foster, Jules Feiffer, and Floyd Gotfredson.
Her major work is ‘Neil the Horse’, a sweet story with a Disney-like visual style and sporting the motto ‘Making the World Safe for Musical Comedy’. It began as a syndicated strip (1975–1982). In 1982, the radio musical ‘Neil and the Big Banana’ was broadcast on CBC. Deni Loubert published the comic-book series (Aardvark-Vanaheim and Renegade Press, 1983–1988). Collins has completed a graphic novel and a children’s book about Neil, as well, both still unpublished.
In 1982, she moved from Toronto to California, settling in San Francisco in 1990. After her transition, she stopped creating comics and created her new life. She returned to Vancouver in 2005.
A complete collection of Neil the Horse was published by Conundrum Press in 2017.

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    Katherine Collins Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Katherine Family name: Collins

Other Names:

  1. Katherine Shannon Collins Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Katherine Shannon Family name: Collins
  2. Arn Saba Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Arn Family name: Saba
  3. Arnold Alexander Saba Jr. Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Arnold Alexander Jr. Family name: Saba


  1. Arn Saba [generic]
  2. S. [generic]


  1. 1983: Inkpot Award - [no name]
  2. 2013: Joe Shuster Awards - Hall of Fame Inductee
  3. 2017: Doug Wright Awards, The - Giants of the North Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame

Art Influences:

Influences by Katherine Collins (b. 1947) were stated by:
  1. Barb Rausch (b. 1941)