Born: 1948 March 26 in Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain

Biography: Lived in Argentina from 1952-1974.

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  1. José Luis Garcia Type: Pen Name
  2. Luis Garcia Type: Pen Name
  3. García-López Type: Family
  4. José Garcia-Lopez Type: Pen Name
  5. José Luis García-López Type: GCD Official
  6. José Luis Type: Given (birth)
  7. Lew Logat Type: Pen Name
  8. Lew Loger Type: Pen Name
  9. Lew Lognatt Type: Pen Name
  10. Luis Lopez Type: Pen Name


  1. 1996: Premios Haxtur (Haxtur Awards) - Best Drawing
  2. 2019: Hero Initiative Awards - Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award

Art Influences:

José Luis García-López stated influences by:
  1. Alberto Breccia
  2. Milton Caniff
  3. Roy Crane
  4. Hal Foster
  5. Alex Raymond
  6. José Luis Salinas
Influences by José Luis García-López were stated by:
  1. Joe Bennett
  2. Jon Bogdanove
  3. Mark Chiarello
  4. Colleen Doran
  5. Steve Epting
  6. Chas Gillen
  7. Phil Hester
  8. Bryan Hitch
  9. Don Hudson
  10. Jack Jadson
  11. Gary Myles Johnson
  12. Gordon Purcell
  13. Cara Sherman


  1. Employee of - Union Studio
    Notes: Pencils and inks, 1968-1973.