Born: 1942 July 2 in Bologna, Italy

Biography: Gianni Dalfiume was born in Bologna, Italy, but has lived in Argentina since his early childhood, where he is known as Juan Dalfiume. He started out as a pupil of Miguel Angel Repetto and began his professional career in 1961 in the Bruguera magazine Oklahoma. He subsequently published 'Codicia' and the Oesterheld-scripted space war serial 'El Inconquistable' in Casco de Acero. By 1963 he was present in Hora Cero Extra with 'Viejo Lorne' and 'Guerra en la Sombra', and in Batallas Inolvidables with 'Manila John' and illustrations. He then began a collaboration with Editorial Yago, drawing series like 'Dos Valientes', 'Venganza' and 'Una Sonrisa', and then 'Doc Sandy', 'LegiĆ³n Extranjera' and 'Shane' in Misterix.


  1. Gianni Dalfiume Type: Given (birth)
    Given name: Gianni Family name: Dalfiume
  2. Juan Dalfiume Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)
    Given name: Juan Family name: Dalfiume


  1. Employee of - Union Studio
    Notes: Pencils and inks, 1967-1968.