Born: 1892 January 27 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Died: 1949 October 28 in Azores, Portugal

Biography: Herman "Kay" Kamen (born Herman Samuel Kominetzky) was an American merchandising executive, noted primarily for his work with the Walt Disney Company. He was a hat salesman in his 20s, and was successful enough to found his own company that specialized in merchandising for movies. In 1932 he managed to set up a meeting with Walt and Roy Disney, the outcome of which was an exclusive contract to license Disney merchandise, a job he proved very adept at.

Among his many licencing deals was a licence granted to Western Publishing to produce Disney books, puzzles, coloring books, magazines, and comic books. This led to a long partnership with Dell (who provided financing and distribution) to make the first long-running Disney Comics.

Kamen died in a plane crash in 1949.

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