Kin Platt Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Kin Family name: Platt

Other Names:

  1. Kirby Carr Type: Pen Name
  2. Kin Type: None
  3. Milton Platkin Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Milton Family name: Platkin
  4. Nick Tall Type: Pen Name
  5. Nick West Type: Pen Name
  6. Guy York Type: Pen Name


  1. K [generic]
  2. K. P. [generic]
  3. Kin [generic]
  4. Quincy [generic]


  1. Mystery Writers of America Type: member

  2. National Cartoonists Society Type: member

  3. Writers Guild Type: member


  1. Employee of - Sangor Studio (b. 1940)
    Notes: Did writing, pencils and inks 1942 to 1943.