Born: 1921 December 3 in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Died: 2000 September 7 in Illinois, United States

Biography: Work in comic strip syndication:
Used the name Leon Gordon in syndication work.

Assistant to Rick Yeager on Buck Rogers comic strip.
Assistant to William Juhre on Draftie comic strip.
Assistant to Pat Sammon on Wade Cabot comic strip.

Skyroads daily (John F. Dille Company) 1939-circa 1942 (pencils and inks).
Speed Spaulding daily (John F. Dille Company) circa 1940-crica 1941 (assistant pencils and inks).
Draftie daily (John F. Dille Company) circa 1941-circa 1942 (assistant pencils and inks).
Buck Rogers daily (John F. Dille Company) 1949-1951 (pencils, inks, and letters).
Buck Rogers Sunday (John F. Dille Company) 1949-1958 (assistant pencils and inks).
Wade Cabot daily and Sunday ? (John F. Dille Company) circa 1953-circa 1954 (assistant pencils and inks).

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    Leonard Dworkins Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Leonard Family name: Dworkins

Other Names:

  1. Len Dworkins Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Len Family name: Dworkins
  2. Gordon Type: Pen Name
  3. Leon Gordon Type: Pen Name


  1. Lake Forest College ? to ?

  2. Columbia College of Radio Announcing and Writing ? to ?

  3. Roosevelt College ? to ?


  1. L Gordon [generic]
  2. Leon Gordon [generic]