Born: 1972 January 12 in Київ [Kiev], Україна [Ukraine], USSR (1917-1992)

Biography: Born in Kiev and grew up in Los Angeles. He began working as an artist when he became the assistant of Rob Liefeld.

Notes: The secondary Who's Who entry for this creator under just the name "Marat" lists work done on a one-shot comic book Nucleus (Heiro-Graphic [Hiero-Graphic], 1979 Series) #1 (May 1979). This is an error as there are no creators in that comic using the name Marat and Marat Mychaels would have been too young to have done work for the comic.

Sample Scan:


    Marat Mychaels Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Marat Family name: Mychaels
    Disambiguation: 1990s artist and writer

Other Names:

  1. Marat Type: Common Alternative Name


  1. Marat [generic]
  2. MARAT
  3. MARAT after DITKO [generic]
  4. Marat Mychaels [generic]
  5. MARAT [connected M]
  6. MARAT [disconnected A]
  7. MM [generic]