Born: 1891 February 17 in St. Augustine, Florida, United States

Died: 1956 August 18 in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States

Biography: Margarita Delacorte, wife of Dell founder George Delacorte, Jr., worked in support as executive secretary for Dell during 1936 and appears in some statements of ownership for the company.

Notes: Margarita Delacorte has a sculpture dedicated to her in New York's Central Park. George commissioned sculptor Jose de Creeft to produce Alice in Wonderland sculpture in her memory, dedicated May 7, 1959.


    Margarita Delacorte Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Margarita Family name: Delacorte

Other Names:

  1. Margarita Tonkonogy Type: Changed Name
    Given name: Margarita Family name: Tonkonogy
  2. Margarita Von Doenhoff Type: None
    Given name: Margarita Family name: Von Doenhoff


  1. Hunter College of the City University of New York (CUNY) ? to 1912


  1. Parent of - Albert P. Delacorte (b. 1913)
  2. Spouse - George Delacorte (b. 1893)