Born: 1972 February 17 in Paris, France

Biography: Mathieu Lauffray was interested in drawing at a very young age and was inspired by artists John Buscema, Neal Adams, Gene Colan, David Mazzucchelli, Roy Krenkel, Drew Struzan, JC Leyendecker and John Singer Sargent.
He attended l'École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris where he met Denis Bajaram and Frédéric Contremarche. They created 'Le Serment de l'Ambre' for Delcourt in 1995. He then illustrated covers for 'Star Wars' published by Dark Horse, and for various publications for the publishing houses 2 Coqs d'Or and Hachette. He has also worked in the video game and cinema fields.


  1. Mathieu Lauffray Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)


  1. 2009: Prix Saint-Michel - Meilleur dessin (Best artwork)

Art Influences:

Mathieu Lauffray stated influences by:
  1. Neal Adams
  2. John Buscema
  3. Gene Colan
  4. Roy Krenkel
  5. J. C. Leyendecker
  6. David Mazzucchelli
  7. John Singer Sargent
  8. Drew Struzan