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Note, in the above entry Bails suggests that one compare (cf) that artwork to Bart Tumey's work, but the only 1943 filler story from Holyoke with Bart signature is a Toppy story in Blue Beetle (Holyoke, 1942 Series) #23 (July 1943) which later was accounted for in Tumey's own Who's Who entry.


    Bart Tumey Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)

Other Names:

  1. B. To Me Type: Pen Name
  2. Bart Type: Pen Name


  1. Bart Tumey [generic]
  2. Tumey [generic]


  1. Employee of - Chesler Studio (b. 1936)
    Notes: Tumey did pencil and ink work for the studio circa 1940.
  2. Employee of - Funnies, Inc. (b. 1939)
    Notes: Tumey might have done pencil and ink work for the studio during an undetermined time period. This studio work is unconfirmed.
  3. Spouse - Virginia Drury
  4. Spouse - Janice Valleau (b. 1923)