Born: 1916 May 30 in New York City, New York, United States

Died: 1995 March 29 in Yonkers, New York, United States

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.

The World Encyclopedia of Comics gives Meskin's death month as July.

Bails' speculates that the pen name of Mort Morton Jr. was used in conjunction by Meskin with Mort Weisinger, but unconfirmed.

Meskin used the pen name, M. G. (M.G.) in conjunction with George Roussos.

Sample Scan:


    Mort Meskin Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Mort Family name: Meskin

Other Names:

  1. Morton Meskin Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Morton Family name: Meskin
  2. Michael Type: Pen Name
  3. Mort Type: Pen Name
  4. Mort Morton Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Mort Family name: Morton
  5. Mort Morton Jr. Type: Pen Name


  1. Art Students League of New York ? to ?

  2. Pratt Institute [Brooklyn] ? to 1937


  1. M (of MR) [generic]
  2. M.R. [generic]
  3. Meskin [generic]
  4. Mort [generic]
  5. Mort Jr. [generic]
  6. Mort Meskin [generic]
  7. Mort Morton [generic]
  8. Mort Morton
  9. Mort Morton Jr [generic]
  10. Mort Morton Jr. [generic]
  11. Mort Morton, Jr. [generic]
  12. Morton Jr. [generic]
  13. Morton Meskin [generic]
  14. MR [generic]
  15. RM [generic]
  16. Terry Scott [generic]

Art Influences:

Mort Meskin (b. 1916) stated influences by:
  1. Herbert Morton Stoops
  2. Austin Briggs (b. 1908)
  3. Milton Caniff (b. 1907)
  4. Edd Cartier (b. 1914)
  5. Roy Crane (b. 1901)
  6. Alex Raymond (b. 1909)
Influences by Mort Meskin (b. 1916) were stated by:
  1. Steve Ditko (b. 1927)
  2. Frank Giacoia (b. 1924)
  3. Bernard Klein (b. 1921)
  4. Joe Kubert (b. 1926)
  5. Jerry Robinson (b. 1922)
  6. Alex Toth (b. 1928)


  1. Employee of - Chesler Studio (b. 1936)
    Notes: Meskin did pencil and ink work for the studio in 1939.
  2. Employee of - Eisner and Iger Studio (b. 1936)
    Notes: Did pencils and inks for the studio during 1938-1939.
  3. Employee of - Simon and Kirby Studio (b. 1941)
    Notes: Roussos did ink work and some pencils for the studio from 1949 to 1955.