The Nebbs


Genre: humor; domestic

Created in: 1923

The Nebbs was a daily and Sunday comic strips drawn by Wallace Carlson. The daily comic strip ran from May 22, 1923, to April 2, 1955. The Sunday comic strip ran from May 27, 1923, to December 26, 1954.

The Bell Syndicate syndicated the comic strip from May 22, 1923, to December 31, 1949. The McNaught Syndicate was the comic strip's syndicate from January 1, 1950, to April 2, 1955.

Sol Hess wrote the comic strip from its beginning until 1941. From 1941 to the comic strip's end, it was written by Betsy Baer (Sol's daughter) and Stanley Baer who ghosted the comic strip after Sol's death.

The characters from the Nebbs continued into the comic strip The Toodles, and in some newspapers, the that comic strip was The Toodles and The Nebbs.