Genre: adventure; aviation; military; science fiction; superhero

Created in: 1941

The adventures of a World War II flying ace and his squadron, originally published by Quality Comics (1941-1956), transitioning to DC Comics in late 1956 (January 1957 cover date). “The Blackhawks”, as classically constituted, consist of Blackhawk (the leader) and uniquely talented specialists of many different nations: Olaf, Hendrickson, Chuck, Stanislaus, Andre, and Chop Chop.

From their island base (Blackhawk Island), the Blackhawks battled tyranny during World War II with a fleet of sleek jets, ingenuity, and courage. After the war, they mopped-up “leftover Nazis” and other fascist factions, eventually shifting their crusade toward post-war Communists. As the 1950s gave way to the 1960s, the Blackhawks became more a band of adventurers, often embroiled in sci-fi exploits and battling super-villains. Beginning with issue 228 (cover dated January 1967), the Blackhawks were shoehorned into becoming “sixties-style superheroes” working for a “sixties-style covert organization” code-named G.E.O.R.G.E., which was essentially the final chapter of the original Blackhawk run.

Over the ensuing years, Blackhawk has had a series of revivals at DC, guided by such celebrated creators as Gerry Conway, Howard Chaykin, and others. The most notable revival was by Mark Evanier and Dan Spiegle (issues 251-273, 1982-1984) which returned them to their World War II roots.

First Appearance: Military Comics (Quality Comics, 1941 Series) #1 (August 1941).

1941; DC Comics; Quality Comics

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Blackhawk ? ?
Blackhawk [Quality Comics Logo] ? ?

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as feature in other language: Blackhawk (German)
as feature in other language: El Halcón Negro (Spanish)
as feature in other language: Hauken [Blackhawk] (Norwegian)
as feature in other language: Höken [Blackhawk] (Swedish)
as feature in other language: Der Schwarze Falke (German)
as feature in other language: Zwarte Valk (Dutch)