Tillie the Toiler


Genre: humor

Created in: 1921

Tillie the Toiler is a newspaper comic strip created by cartoonist Russ Westover who initially worked on his concept of a flapper character in a strip he titled Rose of the Office. With a title change, it sold to King Features Syndicate which carried the strip from January 3, 1921 to March 15, 1959.

The daily strip began on Monday, January 3, 1921, followed by the Sunday page on October 10, 1922.

Westover retired in 1951 with his assistant Bob Gustafson then doing most of the writing and drawing. The daily strip ended March 7, 1959, with the last Sunday eight days later on March 15.

Cupples & Leon collected the strips into book form in 1925, followed by seven other books in that series. Dell Comics reprinted the strip in 14 issues between 1941 and 1949.

flapper; model; office girl; secretary; working girl

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as feature in other language: Tilly (Norwegian)