Groo the Wanderer


Genre: humor; sword and sorcery

Created in: 1982

Created by cartoonist Sergio Aragonés (and ably supported by Mark Evanier, Tom Luth, and Stan Sakai – perhaps one of the longest-running and most consistent creative teams in comic book history), Groo first appeared as a four-page backup in 1982. Since then, the bumbling barbarian, cheese-dip connoisseur, and swordsman-savant has left his mark upon a number of different comics publishers (and, as the running joke goes, taking some of them down), as he “wanders” his way into our hearts, tickling our funny-bones all the way. First appearance: Destroyer Duck (Eclipse, 1982 Series) #1 (1982)

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Feature Relations

as feature in other language: Groo der Wanderer (German)
as feature in other language: Groo el errante (Spanish)
as feature in other language: Groo Svärdbäraren (Swedish)