Homer Pigeon


Genre: anthropomorphic-funny animals

Created in: 1942?

Homer Pigeon first appeared in the Walter Lantz theatrical short "Pigeon Patrol" (1942), and had a long run in the various Walter Lantz comic books published by Dell.

In comics, Homer Pigeon found himself in a perpetual rivalry with the slick Red Cardinal for the hand of Carrie Pigeon (no relation). These comics were primarily drawn by artist/animator Vivie Risto.

First comic book appearance: Animal Comics (Dell, 1942 Series) #6 (December 1943-January 1944).

1942; Dell Comics; theatrical animation; Walter Lantz

Feature Relations

as feature in other language: Don Due (Norwegian)
as feature in other language: Homero el Cándido Palomo (Spanish)
as feature in other language: Jem-Jem Due (Norwegian)