Miss Fury


Genre: superhero

Created in: 1941

The Black Fury, a Sunday comic strip created by June Tarpé Mills, debuted on April 6, 1941. It was retitled Miss Fury in November 1941. The Miss Fury strip ran until December 16, 1951. Timely Comics began reprinting the strip in comic book form beginning in December 1942.

The comic strip was syndicated by the Bell Syndicate from April 6, 1941, to July 22, 1945, the Chicago Sun Syndicate from July 29, 1945, to November 17, 1946, and back again to the Bell Syndicate from November 24, 1946, to December 16, 1951.

Miss Fury first appeared in a comic book in Miss Fury (Marvel, 1942 series) #1 (Winter 1942-43). Her first appearance in the Marvel Universe was in a photograph in Agents of Atlas (Marvel, 2006 series) #3 (December 2006). Her first physical appearance in the Marvel Universe was in The Twelve (Marvel, 2008 series) #1 (March 2008).

Miss Fury continued appearing, either in reprint form or in new stories with a number of publishers from the 1970s until the present time. Most notable of these series for Malibu in 1991, Dynamite in multiple series starting in 2013, and Avalon Communications in 2000.