Gold Key Comics Club


Disambiguation: 1967 Western Publishing

Created in: 1967

The Gold Key Comics Club first appeared in Gold Key Comics released in January, 1967. It carved out anywhere from four to six pages that were previously devoted to story. Primarily, it offered “Readers Pages” to run jokes, riddles, and artwork submitted by readers, later running actual issue previews and educational features as part of the mix.

Initially, the four pages of the centerfold and the final two interior pages of each book were devoted to the Gold Key Comics Club – a move resulted in a far more rigid format for the title character or property’s comic content.

Beginning in 1971, the various Gold Key Comics Club pages would be “broken-up” and scattered throughout each issue. The number of non-story pages (including ads) would be increased to seven and would begin on interior page five. The number of ads would continue to increase throughout the 1970s, as the Gold Key Comics Club pages faded away.

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