Jerry and Tuffy


Disambiguation: MGM Cartoon Mice

Genre: humor; anthropomorphic-funny animals

Created in: 1940

Jerry is the smaller half of the cat-and-mouse-duo Tom and Jerry. Tuffy is a smaller mouse than Jerry, who wears diapers.

Jerry (under the name of “Jinx”, to Tom’s “Jasper”) was created for the 1940 MGM theatrical animated short “Puss Gets the Boot” by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Tuffy was a creation of Western Publishing, added to give the ordinarily silent Jerry someone to talk to – and conspire with against Tom. The MGM cartoons later adapted Tuffy as an impulsive, sometimes heedless, sidekick to Jerry (most often under the name “Nibbles”), and was regularly featured and similarly characterized in the “French Musketeer” subseries of Tom and Jerry shorts, known in comic books as “Mouse Musketeers”.

First comic book appearance of both Jerry and Tuffy (as well as Tom): Our Gang Comics (Dell, 1942 Series) #1 (August-September 1942)

1940; 1942; Joseph Barbera; MGM; original comic book creation; theatrical animation; William Hanna

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