Little Lulu


Genre: humor; children

Created in: 1935

Little Lulu is a comic strip created in 1935 by Marjorie Henderson Buell. The character, Lulu Moppet, debuted in The Saturday Evening Post on February 23, 1935, in a single panel, appearing as a flower girl at a wedding and mischievously strewing the aisle with banana peels. Little Lulu replaced Carl Anderson's Henry, which had been picked up for distribution by King Features Syndicate. The Little Lulu panel continued to run weekly in The Saturday Evening Post until December 30, 1944, and continued from then as a regular comic strip. Buell herself ceased drawing the comic strip in 1947, and in 1950 Little Lulu became a daily syndicated by Chicago Tribune–New York News Syndicate and ran until 1969.

Comic-book stories of the character scripted by John Stanley appeared in ten issues of Dell's Four Color before a Marge's Little Lulu series appeared in 1948 with scripts and layouts by Stanley and finished art by Irving Tripp and others. Stanley greatly expanded the cast of characters and changed the name of Lulu's portly pal from "Joe" to "Tubby", a character that was popular enough himself to warrant a Marge's Tubby series that ran from 1952 to 1961. After Buell's retirement in 1972 she signed the rights to Western Publishing. Marge's was dropped from the title, and the series continued until 1984.

Feature Logos

Logo Name Year Began Year Ended
Little Lulu ? ?
Little Lulu ? ?
Marge's Little Lulu ? ?
Marge's Little Lulu [stacked and slanted] ? ?
Marge's Little Lulu [stacked] ? ?

Feature Relations

as feature in other language: Luluzinha (Portuguese)
as feature in other language: La Pequeña Lulú (Spanish)
as feature in other language: Petite Lulu (French)