Niresk Industries, Inc.


Type: ad

Created in: 1949

Niresk advertising ran in comics for more almost 30 years with more than a dozen publishers such as Archie, Harvey, DC, Marvel and Western Publishing across more than 80 titles. Ads offered dolls such as Baby Blue Eyes, Janie Pigtails, dolls that were unbreakable, dolls that could walk or dance or were almost two feet tall; knife sets; fishing outfits; Dennis the Menace toys; salad makers; fryers and tableware. Mailing address can appear as Niresk; Niresk Discount Sales; Niresk Industries; Niresk Industries Inc. or Niresk Industries, Inc. Also sold fishing outfits, which has a separate Feature.

Ad Logos

Logo Name Year Began Year Ended
Niresk Discount Sales ?