Junior Sales Club of America


Type: ad

Created in: 1956

This advertiser published in at least eight different publishers, such as, DC, Western, Archie, Dell, Harvey and more, across more than 140 series from 1956 through 1977. Also known as JSCA or J.S.C.A. Titles can include, "Junior Sales Club Batting Tips", "Mickey Mantle Goes to Bat for Billy Bikeless", or "Nationally Famous Prizes for You", etc. Almost universally 1 page, but can be 2 pages or rarely as 1/3rd page. It should be used in advertisement sequences.

1000.00; batting tips; billy bikeless; college scholarship; dick butterfingers; hey kids; join; jolly giant; look mom; most popular prizes; nationally famous prizes; no cost; now; pick a pack; pow; prizes or cash; unlucky fishermen; waiting for you; we're winners; win; win a wagonload; without cost; wow

Ad Logos

Logo Name Year Began Year Ended
Junior Sales Club of America