Daisy Air Rifles


Type: ad

Created in: 1935

Daisy Manufacturing Company began advertising for air rifles in comics almost immediately at the birth of the golden age and only tapered off in 1976. 90% of their documented advertising went to DC. Other select publishers included: Dell, Harvey, Fawcett, Archie, Western and Pines among others. All told more than 210 series have been recorded as having these ads, under such names as, "Daisy Air Rifles", "Daisy Manufacturing Company", "Daisy B-B Guns", "Daisy Manufacturing Co.", "Daisy Air Rifle", "Daisy BB Guns", etc.

air rifle club; american boys bill of rights; be a cowboy; be a frontiersman; christmas gift; double gift idea; earn your daisy; exciting news; i'll show you how; own the daisy eagle; rainy days can be fun days; rope 'em both partner; summer fun; this christmas be a cowboy; vacation gift from dad

Ad Logos

Logo Name Year Began Year Ended
Daisy Air Rifles
Daisy Kidde
Daisy [growing]