Morty and Ferdie


Genre: anthropomorphic-funny animals

Paired-down from the dozens of rambunctious night-shirted little mouselings that appeared in Mickey Mouse theatrical cartoons, Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse are Mickey's nephews. Unlike Donald Duck's inseparable Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Morty and Ferdie did not exactly have "equal on-panel time".

Morty became Mickey Mouse's sole nephew in the later Floyd Gottfredson newspaper strip continuities - and into the gag-a-day version of the strip that followed. Morty fulfilled the same role in the Italian Mickey Mouse ("Topolino") comic book stories by Romano Scarpa, later becoming friends with "Ellroy" the spirited son of wise-cracking Ellsworth the Mynah Bird - while Ferdie simply "faded away" in these venues. For an American English translated example of this dynamic, see IDW's Mickey Mouse #13/322 June 2016.

In the American comic book stories created by Western Publishing, however, Morty and Ferdie remained a consistent duo aiding (and occasionally confounding) their Unca Mickey.

Disney; Floyd Gottfredson; Mickey Mouse; nephews; Romano Scarpa

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