Smokey Stover


Genre: humor

Created in: 1935

Smokey Stover is an American comic strip written and drawn by cartoonist Bill Holman from March 10, 1935 until he retired in 1972 and distributed through the Chicago Tribune. It features the misadventures of the titular fireman and had the longest run of any comic strip in the "screwball comics" genre.

The panels of Smokey Stover regularly include sight gags, mishaps, absurd vehicles, and bizarre household items, including oddly shaped furniture, clocks, vases, headwear, cigarette holders, and telephones. Framed pictures on the walls change completely from panel to panel or feature the subjects literally jumping out of the frames. The strip also abounds in nonsensical dialogue, non-sequiturs, and puns.

firefighter; puns; screwball; sight gags

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Smokey Stover [Firehose] ? ?

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