1940 - 1940
United States
Number of Issues:
This company has often been erroneously tied to Holyoke and to Frank Z. Temerson's companies because Charles Quinlan was involved in this and other Carnahan ventures, and took the character name "Volton" (but not any other aspect of the character) with him to Helnit/Holyoke. Also, Bilbara's Cyclone Comics (featuring a character called Tornado Tom) appeared at the same time that one of Temerson's earlier companies produced Whirlwind Comics (featuring a character called Cyclone).
Issue Publication Date Brand
Cyclone Comics (1940 series) #1 June 1940
Cyclone Comics (1940 series) #2 July 1940
Cyclone Comics (1940 series) #3 August 1940
Cyclone Comics (1940 series) #4 September 1940
Cyclone Comics (1940 series) #5 November 1940