1944 - 1945
This company was a surrogate for Chesler / Dynamic, meaning that it published material on behalf of Chesler / Dynamic but was not directly associated with it.
United States
Number of Issues:
It is not entirely clear if this publisher was a surrogate for Chesler or not, but most Chesler publications of 1944-1945 were through something like a surrogate relationship.
Issue Publication Date Brand
Komik Pages (1945 series) #1 (10) April 1945 World's Greatest Comics / Harry "A" Chesler Jr.
Spotlight Comics (1944 series) #1 November 1944
Spotlight Comics (1944 series) #2 January 1945
Spotlight Comics (1944 series) #3 March 1945 Harry "A" Chesler Jr. Features Syndicate, N.Y.