Chesler / Dynamic : Our Army Inc. (Indicia / Colophon Publisher)

1944 - 1945
This company was a surrogate for Chesler / Dynamic, meaning that it published material on behalf of Chesler / Dynamic but was not directly associated with it.
United States
Number of Issues:
This company appears to have been first a packaging client of Chesler (with Spotlight Comics), and then a surrogate (with Komik Pages). The Spotlight Comics indicia are normal-looking indicia, and include "Art and editorial work created by Harry "A" Chesler, Jr. Features Syndicate, 163 W. 23rd Street, New York 11, N. Y." The Komik Pages indicia is a minimal one without mention of Chesler, but Komik Pages carries Chesler's "World's Greatest Comics" branding on the cover. Spotlight does not carry the WGC branding (but does credit the Features Syndicate on the cover of #3).

All indicia he business address for Our Army, Inc. is given as "11th and H Streets, N. W., Washington, D. C." Publication addresses were 420 De Soto Ave., St. Louis, Mo. (which is the printer World Color Press) for Spotlight Comics, and 1 Appleton St. Holyoke, Mass. (Sherman Bowles's Holyoke printing company) for Komik Pages.
Number Publication Date On-sale Date Brand
Komik Pages (1945 series) #1 (10) April 1945 World's Greatest Comics / Harry "A" Chesler Jr.
Spotlight Comics (1944 series) #1 November 1944
Spotlight Comics (1944 series) #2 January 1945
Spotlight Comics (1944 series) #3 March 1945 Harry "A" Chesler Jr. Features Syndicate, N.Y.

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