1984 - 1988
United States
Number of Issues:
Typically listed in title pages as "Charter Books are published by The Berkley Publishing Group".
Issue Publication Date On-sale Date Brand
At Ease, Beetle Bailey (1985 series) #3332 December 1985
Hägar the Horrible: Happy Hour (1984 series) September 1984 CC
Hägar the Horrible: Roman Holiday (1986 series) November 1986 Charter Books
Heathcliff (1986 series) #7938 September 1986 1986 CC
Heathcliff All American! (1987 series) #[nn] August 1987
Heathcliff Catch of the Day (1986 series) February 1986 CC
Heathcliff Cleans House (1985 series) #[nn] September 1985 CC
Heathcliff Dines Out (1985 series) February 1985
Heathcliff Dog Days (1988 series) April 1988
Heathcliff First Prize! (1984 series) #[Book Club Edition] October 1987 Charter Books
Heathcliff Kool Kat (1986 series) August 1986 CC
Heathcliff Pigs Out (1984 series) #[nn] [Special Book Club Edition] January 1988 Charter Books
Heathcliff Rockin' and Rollin' (1986 series) #[nn] August 1986 CC
Heathcliff: Gone Fishin' (1985 series) June 1985 CC
Richie Rich: Summer Games (1984 series) #72155 July 1984 Charter Books

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