Justice League #40 [Combo Pack Edition]
(May 2015 (June 2015))

DC, 2011 Series
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DC Comics
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Brian Cunningham (Group Editor); Amedeo Turturro (Assistant Editor)
standard Modern Age US
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was ongoing series

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents)

Justice League / cover / 1 page (report information)

Jason Fabok
Jason Fabok
Brad Anderson

The Anti-Monitor [Mobius]; Darkseid

Darkseid War, Prologue (Table of Contents: 1)

Justice League / comic story / 22 pages (report information)

Geoff Johns
Kevin Maguire (pp. 1-9); Phil Jimenez (pp. 10-11); Dan Jurgens (pp. 12); Jerry Ordway (pp. 12-13); Scott Kolins (pp. 13); Jason Fabok (pp. 14-15); Jim Lee (pp. 16-22)
Kevin Maguire (pp. 1-9); Phil Jimenez (pp. 10-11); Jerry Ordway (pp. 12-13); Scott Kolins (pp. 13); Jason Fabok (pp. 14-15); Scott Williams (pp. 16-22)
Brad Anderson (pp. 1-15); Alex Sinclair (pp. 16-22)
Rob Leigh

Wilson Morgan; Metron; Darkseid; Highfather; Scot [Mister Miracle]; Orion; Steppenwolf; parademons; The Anti-Monitor [Mobius]; Grail; Black Lightning; Red Star; Nuklon; Hawkman; Jade; Captain Marvel, Jr.; Sunburst; Wonder Woman; Tempest [Joshua Clay]; Air Wave [Harold Jordan]; The Creeper; Lightning Lass; Lighnting Lad; Dr. Light [Kimiyo Hoshi]; Harlequin; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Wildcat [Yolanda Montez]; Chlorophyll Kid; Adam Strange; Plastic Man; The Spectre; Firehawk; Chameleon Boy; Ultra Boy; Superman [Kal-El]; Firestorm; Brainiac 5; Space Ranger; Cryll (miscolored); Gypsy; Cyborg; Nightshade; Mento; Polar Boy; Shadow Lass; Superman [Kal-L]; Peacemaker; Colossal Boy; Superboy (of Earth-Prime); Aquaman; Blue Devil; Timber Wolf; Son of Vulcan; Phantom Lady; Iron; Kole; Platinum; Cosmic Boy; B'wana Beast; Fury [Lyta Trevor]; Sun Boy; Phantom Girl; Invisible Kid [Jacques Foccart]; Dawnstar; Mary Marvel; Duplicate Boy; Katana; Stripesy; Captain Atom; Ultraa; Jack O'Lantern; Halo; Johnny Quick; Medusa; Black Condor; Wonder Woman (of Earth-2); Warlord; Doll Man; Blok; Saturn Girl; Star Boy; Onyx; Element Lad; Valda, the Iron Maiden; Changeling; Ray; Pariah; Obsidian; Geo-Force; Tellus; Human Bomb; Bushmaster; Kid Devil; Starman; Kid Flash; Hourman; The Flash [Jay Garrick]; Gold; Dove; Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Madame Xanadu; Thunderbolt; Zatara; Sargon; Phantom Stranger; Zatanna; Dr. Fate; Huntress; Dream Girl; Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt; Sensor Girl (obscured by caption box); Wildfire; Negative Woman; Uncle Sam; Merryman (miscolored); Awkwardman; Robin; Atom [Al Pratt]; Hawk; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Elongated Man; Metamorpho; Quislet; Silver Scarab; Captain Marvel; Power Girl; Firebrand (miscolored); Mon-El; Super Chief; Jemm, Son of Saturn; Martian Manhunter; Lady Quark; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Captain Comet; Animal Man; Shrinking Violet; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Triumph; Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; The Ray [Ray Terrill]; Waverider; Parallax; Extant; Damage; Man-Bat; Shining Knight [Ystina]; Deathstroke; Robin [Tim Drake]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Sinestro; Fastball; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Halo; Star-Spangled Kid; Wonder Girl [Cassie Sandsmark]; Cheetah; Chronos; Skorpio; Wildcat; Alexander Luthor; The Riddler; S.T.R.I.P.E.; Reverse Flash; Wonder Woman (of the Flashpoint Universe); Emperor Aquaman; Flash [Barry Allen]; Kal [Subject One]; Captain Thunder; Joker [Martha Wayne]; Batman [Thomas Wayne]; Cyborg (of the Flashpoint Universe); Grifter; Citizen Cold; Starfire; Nightwing; Hawkman (of Earth-2); Captain Marvel; Lois Lane; Owlman
Metron recalls a long-ago pact between New Genesis and Apokolips that allowed him to continue to observe the universe. He also recalls how that peace, and the entire universe, was threatened by the Anti-Monitor and the creation of a single universe that followed that crisis. Since then, time has been restarted, the multiverse returned, and then in a flash recently reborn, though it has yet to solidify. So to ensure he can continue to observe, Metron seeks out the Anti-Monitor, who, spurred by a recent convergence of timelines, has new plans to mount war against Darkseid, now with a new ally.

Indexer Notes

The Darkseid War Prologue continues, in part, in Divergence FCBD Special Edition (DC, 2015 series) #1.

According to a sale of the original artwork, and confirmed with Dan Jurgens, for pages 12-13, the first panel is Jurgens-Ordway, the second panel is Ordway, and the third panel is Kolins. So, contrary to the printed credits, Jurgens has no work on page 13 and Kolins has no work on page 12.

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