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Don Hutter (see notes)
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Issue Notes

A contemporaneous reviewer provided page count and price for this title (Lingeman 1975, 7) (page count is not known to have been determined in a way that complies with GCD rules for counting pages). An advertisement in the same publication corroborated the price (New York Times 1975, 30).

Garry Trudeau’s original editor at Holt, circa 1972, was Don Hutter (Walker 2010, 128). And Trudeau’s editor in 1981 was Hutter (Walker 2010, 95), until Hutter left the position (New York Times 1981). GCD’s editing credit reflects the assumption that Hutter was Trudeau’s editor at Holt continuously between 1972 and 1981.

Lingeman, Richard R. 1975. "Peanuts Jubilee/The Doonesbury Chronicles." New York Times Book Review, December 7.

New York Times. 1975. "Holt, Rinehart & Winston" advertisement. New York Times Book Review, December 7.

New York Times. 1981. “New Editor at Simon & Schuster.” May 2.

Walker, Brian. 2010. Doonesbury and the Art of G. B. Trudeau. New Haven: Yale University Press.

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