Archie Meets Batman '66 #4 [Cover A Michael and Laura Allred]
(December 2018)

Archie, 2018 Series
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Archie; Batman '66 / comic story / 20 pages (report information)

Jeff Parker; Michael Moreci
Dan Parent
J. Bone
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Jack Morelli

First Line of Dialogue or Text
Good show retrieving the electronic book, sir!
superhero; teen
Batman [also appears as Bruce Wayne]; Robin [also appears as Dick Grayson]; Batgirl [also appears as Barbara Gordon]; Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones; Reggie Mantle; Moose Mason; Kevin Keller; Dilton Doiley; Chuck Clayton; Veronica Lodge; Betty Cooper; Joker; Catwoman [Miss Kitka]; Siren; Penguin; Riddler; Hiram Lodge; Smithers; Mr. Weatherbee; Thomas Keller
Batman races to Riverdale, where Robin and Batgirl are already fighting Catwoman, who's now a teacher at Riverdale High. The Joker is frustrated that Jughead seems to be immune to his mind control attempts. Bruce Wayne attends a party at the Lodge Mansion where Batman's villains take over all the important positions in Riverdale.
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    Archie; Batman '66
  2. 1. ["Good show retrieving the electronic book, sir!"]
    Archie; Batman '66
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