(November 1964)

Warren, 1964 Series
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Forrest J. Ackerman
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[no title indexed] (Table of Contents: 1)

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The Mummy (Table of Contents: 2)

The Mummy / comic story / 6 pages (report information)

Russ Jones (credited as Wallace Wood) (signed as Wallace Wood) (adaptor, script, see notes); Wally Wood [as Wallace Wood] (credited, signed) (adaptor, script, see notes); John L. Balderston (original script); Nina Wilcox Putnam (original story); Richard Schayer (original story)
Russ Jones (credited as Wallace Wood) (signed as Wallace Wood) (tracing, copying, assist, see notes); Wally Wood [as Wallace Wood] (credited, signed) (layouts, see notes)
Russ Jones (credited as Wallace Wood) (signed as Wallace Wood) (assist, panels and backgrounds ?, see notes); Wally Wood [as Wallace Wood] (credited, signed) (finishes, see notes)
Wally Wood [as Wallace Wood] (credited, signed) (see notes)

First Line of Dialogue or Text
Egypt! The Great Desert... burial place of the ancient kings!
Sir Joseph Whemple; Dr. Muller; Norton (death); The Mummy [Im-Ho Tep]; Frank Whemple; Ardath Bey; Helen Grosvenor [Princess Anck-Es-En-Amon]

Indexer Notes

This story is adapted from the screenplay for the 1932 Universal film The Mummy, with art swipes from movie stills.

Per J David Spurlock and his posting to the Grand Comics Database Facebook page on 18 May 2020, Russ Jones and Wally Wood worked in conjunction on this story adaptation together on the script, pencils, and inks (though it is possible Wood did most, if not all, the inking work here). Wood did the lettering alone.

Explaining Wood's method of working, Spurlock stated, "Wood's regular working method was not the Marvel/DC assembly line tradition of one person penciling and another inking. Wood would do 8.5x11 layouts, hand them to an assistant to find a reference from Wood's files; then the assistant would trace/copy the reference to a full-size board to match Wood's layout. Then Wood would turn it into "finished art" (more than inking) changing anything and everything he wanted along the way. If he trusted an assistant enough, he might also have them ink some simpler things like panel borders and backgrounds."

Dan Adkins had been credited as the penciler or the inker for this story in some sources (for example, Richard Arndt' Complete Warren Checklist), but per Spurlock Adkins did not begin working for Wood until 1965, after this story was originally published.

This is the first (pre-Creepy) original horror comics story done for Warren to be published.

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  2. 2. The Mummy
    The Mummy
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