Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 [Jae Lee Batman Who Laughs Variant Cover]
(March 2021)

DC, 2020 Series
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Indicia / Colophon Publisher
DC Comics
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Marie Javins (credited) (editor); Andrew Marino (credited) (editor)

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cover / 1 page (report information)

Jae Lee (credited, signed)
Jae Lee (credited, signed)
June Chung (credited, signed)

The Batman Who Laughs [The Darkest Knight]

Death Metal An Anti-Crisis Part VII A Slap in the Face (Table of Contents: 1)

comic story / 43 pages (report information)

Scott Snyder (credited)
Greg Capullo (credited); Yanick Paquette (credited) (credited pages 29-36, actually pages 34-41); Bryan Hitch (credited) (credited pages 37-38, actually pages 42-43)
Jonathan Glapion (credited); Yanick Paquette (credited) (credited pages 29-36, actually pages 34-41); Bryan Hitch (credited) (credited pages 37-38, actually pages 42-43)
FCO Plascencia (credited); Nathan Fairbairn (credited) (credited pages 29-36, actually pages 34-41); Alex Sinclair (credited) (credited pages 37-38, actually pages 42-43)
Tom Napolitano (credited)

Wonder Woman; The Darkest Knight [The Batman Who Laughs]; Batman; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; Dark Robins [Groblins]; Last Sun (Dark Multiverse Superman); Superboy [Jon Kent]; Bizarro; Superboy-Prime; Lex Luthor; Shazam [Billy Batson]; The Flash [Barry Allen]; Dove [Don Hall]; Johnny Quick; Claw the Unconquered; Killer Croc; Solomon Grundy; Giganta; Nightwing; Bane; Signal; The Batman Who Laughs (re-animated corpse); Raven; Starfire; Beast Boy; Cyborg; Vandal Savage; the Demon Etrigan; Flash [Wally West] (Dark Multiverse version); Aquaman; Ocean Mother [Atlanna] (Aquaman's mother, Dark Multiverse version); Harley Quinn; Jarro; Swamp Thing; Abigail Arcane; Swamp King (Dark Multiverse version of Swamp Thing); Robin [Damian Wayne]; Red Hood [Jason Todd]; Batmage (mystical Dark Multiverse Batman); B. Rex (Dark Multiverse dinosaur robot with Batman's consciousness); Bane; Spoiler; Deathstroke; Mister Freeze; Poison Ivy; The Red Death; The Drowned; Robin King; The Joker; Superboy [Conner Kent]; Supergirl; Cyborg Superman; Steel [John Hanry Irons]; Lex Luthor; Brainiac; Parasite; Silver Banshee; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Heat Wave; Captain Cold; the Turtle; Girder; Magenta; Golden Glider; Ocean Master; Mera; Donna Troy; Artemis; Hippolyta; Legion of Super-Heroes [Ultra Boy; Colossal Boy; Bouncing Boy; Saturn Girl; Phantom Girl; Cosmic Boy; Karate Kid; Star Boy; others unidentified] (hands and arms visible only); Alfred Pennyworth (zombie); creators of the Multiverse (Perpetua's race); Batwoman [Kate Kane]; Green Lantern [Simon Baz]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Green Lantern [Jessica Cruz]; Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Green Lantern [Guy Gardner]; Green Arrow; Hawkgirl [Kendra Saunders]; Fire; Ice; Mister Terrific; Black Lightning; Captain Atom; Animal Man; Metamorpho; Red Tornado; Vixen; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Firestorm; Zatanna; Booster Gold; Black Canary; Steel [Natasha Irons]; Aqualad [Jackson Hyde]; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Mister Miracle; Big Barda; Doctor Fate; Flash [Wally West]; Talia Al Ghul; Justice Incarnate [Superman [Calvin Ellis] (Earth 23); Captain Carrot (Earth 26); Mary Marvel (Earth 5); Aquawoman (Earth 11); Atomic Knight Batman (Earth 17)]; Wonder Woman [Yara Flor] (Future State); the Next Batman (Future State); Dark Detective (Future State); Sgt. Rock; Justice Society of America [Hawkman; Hawkwoman; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Spectre; Doctor Fate; Hourman; Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Wildcat; Atom [Al Pratt]; Liberty Belle]
As heroes and villains team-up to battle the armies of the Dark Multiverse, Wonder Woman battles the Darkest Knight with the fate of the Multiverse at stake.
Dark Multiverse; Hall of Justice; Multiverse; Omniverse; The Elseworld; The Totality

Indexer Notes

Story has 1 named chapter:
The Big Rock

Art credited pages don't sync up correctly, credits indicate the story is 38 pages. Story is actually 43 pages, which includes a 2 page title spread (pages 2-3), and a chapter title page (page 29). Greg Capullo art continues until page 33, then 8 pages of Yanick Paquette art (credited as pages 29-36, actually pages 34-41), and then the last 2 pages by Bryan Hitch (credited as pages 37-38, actually pages 42-43). Even if the 3 title pages are not included in the story page count, the credits are still wrong, as then the Paquette pages would be pages 31-38, not 29-36, and the Hitch pages would be pages 39-40, not 37-38.

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