Showcase #77
(September 1968)

DC, 1956 Series
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Superman DC National Comics
Joe Orlando

Issue Notes

Only Angel and the Ape tryout issue. On-sale date from copyright registration.

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents)

Angel and the Ape / cover / 1 page (report information)

Bob Oksner; Sergio Aragones (cover idea)
Tex Blaisdell ?; Bob Oksner ?
Gaspar Saladino

First Line of Dialogue or Text
Drop the pen, Sam! I have a feeling our first case is here!

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents: 1)

Angel and the Ape / comic story / 21.67 pages (report information)

E. Nelson Bridwell (plot) ?; Howie Post ?; Al Jaffee ?
Bob Oksner (signed)
Tex Blaisdell (signed)
Ray Holloway ?

First Line of Dialogue or Text
Boy, wouldn't it be rotten...
Angel O'Day; Sam Simian (a gorilla); Trumbull; gangsters; cops; Stan Bragg; Tex Bumblewell (parody of inker Tex Blaisdell); a zookeeper
Trumbull, with his leg in a cast, stumbles into O'DAY AND SIMEON, PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. Angel is a crack PI and judo master. Sam is a gorilla who draws comic books. Sam delivers his latest art to Stan Bragg, publisher at BRAINPIX PUBLICATION, INC. Angel protects Trumbull from kidnapping, but they're nabbed. Sam races across the city (nobody noticing he's a gorilla in a suit) to the zoo. Angel wiggles out of her bonds as Sam avoids death traps. The zookeeper nabbed Trumbull for his cast, since the bandages contain "super rocket" plans - for a ride at Disneyland!

Indexer Notes

Feature continues in Angel and the Ape (DC, 1968 series) #1 (November-December 1968).

There is no definite conclusion on who wrote this story. In Amazing World of DC Comics #10, January 1976, in "There's No Cases Like Showcases", Jack C. Harris wrote, "Orlando was up again with... Angel and the Ape... by E. Nelson Bridwell, Al Jaffee, Bob Oskner, and Tex Blaisdell... with the cover idea of [Sergio] Aragones. In the letters column of Adventure Comics #414 (January 1972), when a fan recalls AATA, E. Nelson Bridwell replies, "That was a creation of Publisher Carmine Infantino, Editor Joe Orlando, and yours truly... with Bob's art." On The Drawing Board #67, June 1968, credits Bridwell with plot and Howie Post with script. Other writers cited in the past include Howie Post and Bob Kanigher (creation and writing).

Story across 23 pages, but page 6 is a 2/3-page, and pages 15 and 23 are 1/2-pages.

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents: 2) (Expand) /

Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane / promo (ad from the publisher) / 1 page (report information)

Enemy Ace Is Back! (Table of Contents: 3) (Expand) /

Enemy Ace / promo (ad from the publisher) / 0.5 page (report information)

Fanzine Review; Geek Sneak Peek (Table of Contents: 4)

The Wonderful World of Comics / text article / 1 page (report information)


Review of the fanzine STAR-STUDDED COMICS, funny graffitti such as "Neal Adams is a One-Liner!", and promo for THE GEEK.
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Series Information
Table of Contents
  1. 0. ["Drop the pen, Sam! I have a feeling our first case is here!"]
    Angel and the Ape
  2. 1. ["Boy, wouldn't it be rotten..."]
    Angel and the Ape
  3. 2. ["You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Lois Lane and Superman..."]
    Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane
  4. 3. Enemy Ace Is Back!
    Enemy Ace
  5. 4. Fanzine Review; Geek Sneak Peek
    The Wonderful World of Comics
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