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Eddie Berganza; Maureen McTigue (associate editor)

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Young Justice / cover / 1 page (report information)

Mike Wieringo [as Ringo] (signed)
Terry Austin [as Austin] (signed)
Tanya Horie; Richard Horie

Young Justice [Impulse [Bart Allen]; Robin [Tim Drake]; Wonder Girl [Cassie Sandsmark]; Superboy [Kon-El]]; Klarion

Indexer Notes

The Klarion Icon was designed by Sean Taggart.

Justice for All (Table of Contents: 1)

Young Justice / comic story / 38 pages (report information)

Peter David
Todd Nauck
Lary Stucker
Jason Wright
Ken Lopez

Young Justice [Impulse [Bart Allen]; Robin [Tim Drake]; Secret; Wonder Girl [Cassie Sandsmark; also as Wonder Woman]; Superboy [Kon-El; also as Superboy, Sr.]];
JLA [also as JLA, Jr.; Aquaman [Arthur Curry; also as Aquaboy]; Batman [Bruce Wayne; also as Batboy]; Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Flash [Wally West; also as Kid Flash]; Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Plastic Man [Eel O'Brian]; Red Tornado [John Smith]; Steel [John Henry Irons]; Superman [Clark Kent; also as Superman, Jr.]; Wonder Woman [Diana; also as Wonder Girl]];
JSA [also as JSA, Jr.; Atom Smasher [Al Rothstein; also as Bigg Boy]; Black Canary [Dinah Lance; also as Crybaby]; Dr. Fate [Nabu; also as Li'l Fate]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Dr. Pieter Cross; also as Kid Mid-Nite]; Flash [Jay Garrick; also as Golden Age Kid Flash]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott; also as Teen Lantern]; Hawkgirl [Kendra Saunders; also as Hawkbaby]; Hourman [also as Hourbaby] (android); Mr. Terrific [Michael Holt; also as Terrific Lad]; Sand [Sandy Hawkins; also as Sandy the Golden Boy]; Star-Spangled Kid [Courtney Whitmore; also as Starwoman]; Starman [Jack Knight; also as Star-Spangled Kid]; Wildcat [Ted Grant; also as Wildbrat]];
Old Justice [Merry the Gimmick Girl [Merry Pemberton]; Doiby Dickles; Dan the Dyna-Mite; The Cyclones [Mort Hibbert; Amelia Hibbert]; Sweep Second [Leo Thorndyke]];
Supermen of America [Outburst (cameo); White Lotus (cameo); Loser (cameo); Brahma (cameo); Pyrogen (cameo)];
Titans [Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; Troia [Donna Troy]; Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Tempest [Garth]; Argent; Damage [Grant Emerson]; Cyborg [Victor Stone]; Starfire [Koriand'r]];
The Point Men [Gray Lady; Serpenteen; Blockade; Short Cut; Black Slate; Groundswell];
Ace Atchinson; Anarky [Lonnie Machin]; Captain Marvel, Jr. [Freddy Freeman]; Cissie King-Jones [Arrowette] (cameo); Lagoon Boy [also as Lagoon Man]; Mary Marvel [Mary Bromfield]; Max Mercury (cameo); Neptune Perkins; Sammy; Supergirl; S.T.R.I.P.E. [Pat Dugan; also as S.T.R.I.P.E.S.Y.]; Deadman [Boston Brand; also as Deadboy];
Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza (villain); Garfield (villain); Klarion, the Witch Boy (villain); Match (villain); Teekl (villain)
As Young Justice checks out its new headquarters, they are attacked by Old Justice. Only the interruption of Ace Atchinson stops the battle. He decides to let the kids tell their side of the story, and that interview inspires the “Justice For All” rally that gathers heroes from all over in support of the teens. At the rally, the heroes are attacked by the Point Men and an armored army. Klarion uses his magic to change all the adults into school children. Doiby uses an aging gun on the heroes in order to restore them, but it changes the school children to teens and the teens into adults.
Catskill Mountains; Sins of Youth; The Agenda; Washington D.C.

Indexer Notes

Special thanks to Kimberly and Matt B.

CDTV News (Table of Contents: 2) (Expand) /

Sins of Youth / promo (ad from the publisher) / 0.67 page (report information)

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