All-Star Squadron #1 [Direct Sales]
(September 1981)

DC, 1981 Series
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DC Comics, Inc.
DC [bullet]
Len Wein (credited); Mike W. Barr (associate editor, credited)
standard Modern Age US
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glossy cover; newsprint interior
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was ongoing series

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Who Will Be the Heroes of the...All-Star Squadron (Table of Contents)

All-Star Squadron / cover / 1 page (report information)

Rich Buckler
Dick Giordano
Tatjana Wood
Gaspar Saladino
Job Number:

All-Star Squadron [Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Dr. Charles McNider]; Atom [Al Pratt]]; Wildcat [Ted Grant] (photo); Shining Knight (photo); Winged Victory (photo); Green Arrow (Earth-2, photo); Phantom Lady ? (photo); Johnny Quick [Johnny Chambers] (photo); Batman (Earth-2, photo); Robin (Earth-2, photo); Star-Spangled Kid (photo); Stripesy (photo); Vigilante [Greg Sanders] (photo); Crimson Avenger (photo); Johnny Thunder (photo); Thunderbolt (photo); Spectre [Jim Corrigan] (photo); Plastic Man (photo); Robotman [Robert Crane] (photo); Dr. Fate (photo); Sandman [Wesley Dodds] (photo); Liberty Belle (photo); Green Lantern [Alan Scott] (photo); Tarantula (photo); Superman (Earth-2) (photo); Flash [Jay Garrick] (photo); Wonder Woman (Earth-2) (photo); Captain Triumph (photo)
Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Atom look over photos of the other heroes.

Indexer Notes

Inks credit from The All-Star Companion Vol. 2; inks previously credited to Rich Buckler.
Color credits provided by Anthony Tollin.

Unleash a Darda Demon. (Table of Contents: 1) (Expand) /

Darda Toy Company / advertisement / 1 page (report information)

The World on Fire! (Table of Contents: 2)

All-Star Squadron / comic story / 25 pages (report information)

Roy Thomas (credited)
Rich Buckler (credited)
Jerry Ordway [as Jeremiah Ordway] (credited)
Carl Gafford (credited)
John Costanza (credited)
Job Number:

All-Star Squadron [Plastic Man; Johnny Quick [Johnny Chambers]; Liberty Belle [Libby Lawrence]; Robotman [Robert Crane]]; Justice Society of America [Superman (Earth-2) (flashback); Batman (Earth-2) (flashback); Robin (Earth-2) (flashback); Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson; Nabu] (flashback); Spectre [Jim Corrigan (Earth-2) (flashback)]; Starman [Ted Knight] (flashback); Johnny Thunder (Earth-2) (flashback); Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt (flashback); Sandman [Wesley Dodds] (flashback); Wonder Woman (Earth-2) (flashback); Flash [Jay Garrick] (flashback); Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]]; Seven Soldiers of Victory [Vigilante [Greg Sanders] (flashback); Crimson Avenger (flashback); Star-Spangled Kid (flashback); Green Arrow (Earth-2) (flashback); Speedy (Earth-2) (flashback); Shining Knight]; Winged Victory; Firebrand [as Danette Reilly] (intro); Per Degaton (villain); Professor Zodiak (villain); Solomon Grundy (villain); Sky Pirate (villain); Wotan (villain); King Bee (villain, death); The Monster (villain, death); Firebrand [Rod Reilly] (apparent death); Harry Hopkins; Slugger Dunn (apparent death); Sammy Baugh; Ed Simmons; J. Edgar Hoover; Tubby Watts; Franklin Delano Roosevelt
As the 3 non-missing Justice Society of America members (Hawkman, Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite) join up with Plastic Man, Robotman, Liberty Belle, and Johnny Quick in Washington, D.C., they meet with President FDR, who creates a new group, the All-Star Squadron. Their mission: find the missing JSA'ers and stop the rumored bombing of San Francisco on Dec. 7, 1941 before it's too late. Meanwhile, the missing JSA'ers, along with Shining Knight and Danette Reilly, have been captured by Per Degaton and made aware of his plans, helpless to stop him.
football; Japanese Zero; Pearl Harbor; San Francisco CA; Washington D.C.; White House; World War II

Indexer Notes

Features the apparent death of Rod Reilly (Firebrand) and the intro of his sister Dannette, soon to be the new female Firebrand. Story continued from Justice League of America (DC, 1960 series) #193 (August 1981); story continues next issue.

Bubble Yum's Got the Number Yum Taste. (Table of Contents: 3) (Expand) /

Bubble Yum / advertisement / 1 page (report information)

We Are Looking for a Few Good Boys and Girls (Table of Contents: 4) (Expand) /

Grit / advertisement / 0.5 page (report information)

Can't Find DC Comics on the West Coast? (Table of Contents: 5) (Expand) /

advertisement / 0.5 page (report information)

Fruit Pies for Magpies (Table of Contents: 6) (Expand) /

Batgirl; Hostess Fruit Pies / advertisement / 1 page (report information)

Roll Up in Your Very Own Life Savers Roll, and Dream of All Your Favorite Life Savers Flavors! (Table of Contents: 7) (Expand) /

Life Savers / advertisement / 1 page (report information)

Write Right Now! (Table of Contents: 8) (Expand) /

advertisement / 1 page (report information)

You Are Earth's Only Hope! (Table of Contents: 9) (Expand) /

Attack of the Mutants / advertisement / 1 page (report information)

An Open Letter to the Readers of All-Star Squadron #1 (Table of Contents: 10)

text article / 1 page (report information)

Roy Thomas (credited)
Job Number:

Roy explains his vision for this series, how it came to be, and some things the reader will see in future issues.

Earn Famous Name Prizes or Cash (Table of Contents: 11) (Expand) /

Olympic Sales Club / advertisement / 1 page (report information)

Join the Icee Bear Club (Table of Contents: 12) (Expand) /

Icee drinks / advertisement / 1 page (report information)

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Series Information
Table of Contents
  1. 0. Who Will Be the Heroes of the...All-Star Squadron
    All-Star Squadron
  2. 1. Unleash a Darda Demon.
    Darda Toy Company
  3. 2. The World on Fire!
    All-Star Squadron
  4. 3. Bubble Yum's Got the Number Yum Taste.
    Bubble Yum
  5. 4. We Are Looking for a Few Good Boys and Girls
  6. 5. Can't Find DC Comics on the West Coast?
  7. 6. Fruit Pies for Magpies
    Batgirl; Hostess Fruit Pies
  8. 7. Roll Up in Your Very Own Life Savers Roll, and Dream of All Your Favorite Life Savers Flavors!
    Life Savers
  9. 8. Write Right Now!
  10. 9. You Are Earth's Only Hope!
    Attack of the Mutants
  11. 10. An Open Letter to the Readers of All-Star Squadron #1
  12. 11. Earn Famous Name Prizes or Cash
    Olympic Sales Club
  13. 12. Join the Icee Bear Club
    Icee drinks
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