(July 1989)

DC, 1987 Series
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DC Publishorial / in-house column / 1 page (report information)

Meanwhile... (Table of Contents: 2)

Young All-Stars / comic story / 24 pages (report information)

Roy Thomas (credited); Dann Thomas (credited)
Dave Simons (credited)
Bob Downs (credited)
Shelley Eiber (credited)
Jean Simek (credited)

Job Number
All-Star Squadron: Air Wave [Larry Jordan]; Amazing-Man [Will Everett]; Firebrand [Danette Reilly]; The Flash [Jay Garrick]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; The Guardian [Jim Harper]; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Johnny Quick [Johnny Chambers]; Liberty Belle [Libby Lawrence]; Manhunter [Paul Kirk]; Mr. America [Tex Thomson] (becomes the Americommando); Mr. Terrific [Terry Sloane]; Robotman [Robert Crane / Paul Dennis]; Sandy the Golden Boy [Sandy Hawkins]; Sargon the Sorcerer [John Sargent]; Steel [Hank Heywood] (headshot); Tarantula [John Law]; The Whip [Rodney Gaynor]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Zatara the Magician [Giovanni "John" Zatara]
The Blackhawks: Blackhawk
The Freedom Fighters: Black Condor [Richard Grey, Jr. / Thomas Wright]; Doll Man [Darrel Dane]; The Human Bomb [Roy Lincoln]; Manhunter [Dan Richards]; Midnight [Dave Clark]; Phantom Lady [Sandra Knight]; Plastic Man [Eel O'Brian]; Quicksilver [Max Crandall]; The Ray [Happy Terrill]; Uncle Sam
Justice Society of America: The Atom [Al Pratt]; Doctor Fate [Kent Nelson]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Charles McNider]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Miss America [Joan Dale]; The Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; The Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Starman [Ted Knight]; Johnny Thunder
The Newsboy Legion: Big Words; Gabby; Scrapper; Tommy
Seven Soldiers of Victory: The Crimson Avenger [Lee Travis]; The Shining Knight [Sir Justin]; Squire [Percy Sheldrake] (unofficial eighth member); The Star-Spangled Kid [Sylvester Pemberton]; Stripesy [Pat Dugan]; Stuff [Danny]; The Vigilante [Greg Sanders]; Wing [Wing How]
Dan the Dyna-Mite [Daniel Dunbar]; Doiby Dickles; The Dragon King (flashback); Fatman [Bob Daley]; Fireball [Sonya Chuikov]; Flying Fox; Joan Fortune; Fury [Helena Kosmatos]; Adolf Hitler (flashback); Kuei; Iron Munro [Arn Munro]; Neptune Perkins; Phantasmo [Jean-Marc de Villars]; Thor the Thunder Dog; Tigress [Paula Brooks]; Tsunami [Miya Shimada]; Tubby Watts; Winged Victory; The Caveman [Johnny Grimm]; The Fly; The Skull; Henry L. Stimson
DC : mainstream
Since the Young All-Stars have disbanded, Fury records the current adventures of the individual All-Star Squadron members, as the core JSAers head to Europe.
Detroit; Perisphere; Staten Island; U-Boat; World War II

Indexer Notes

Flashbacks to the events of:
- The Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics (DC, 1940 series) #14 (December 1942-January 1943)
- The Seven Soldiers of Victory in Leading Comics (DC, 1941 series) #5 (Winter 1942)
- Mr. America, Vigilante, and Zatara in Action Comics (DC, 1938 series) #53 (October 1942)
- Hourman, Manhunter, Sandman, and Starman in Adventure Comics (DC, 1938 series) #79 (October 1942)
- Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, Green Lantern, and Sargon in All-American Comics (DC, 1939 series) #43 (October 1942)
- Air Wave and Crimson Avenger in Detective Comics (DC, 1937 series) #68 (October 1942)
- Flash, Hawkman, and Johnny Thunder in Flash Comics (DC, 1940 series) #34 (October 1942)
- Dr. Fate, Johnny Quick, and Spectre in More Fun Comics (DC, 1936 series) #84 (October 1942)
- Mr. Terrific and Wildcat in Sensation Comics (DC, 1942 series) #10 (October 1942) (text page incorrectly says #11)
- Guardian & The Newsboy Legion, Robotman, and Tarantula in Star Spangled Comics (DC, 1941 series) #13 (October 1942)

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents: 3)

All-Star Squadroom / letters page / 1.67 pages (report information)

Roy Thomas (credited)

Job Number

Indexer Notes

Letters from Charles J. Sperling, Ed Heyne, Robert Kowalski.

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    All-Star Squadroom
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