Aliens #1
(August 1989)

Dark Horse, 1989 Series
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Mark Verheiden (credited)
Denis Beauvais (credited) (painting)
Denis Beauvais (credited) (painting)
Denis Beauvais (credited) (painting)
Bob Pinaha (credited)
Randy Stradley

horror-suspense; military; science fiction
Rebecca "Newt" Jorden; Colonel Dwayne Hicks; Butler; Aliens
Earth has been over-run by Aliens. Newt, Hicks and the android Butler escape in a spacecraft. The auto pilot is set for an unknown military outpost. But first they have to survive the trip: they seem to have brought some of the Aliens with them...

Indexer Notes

In later reprints, the characters Newt and Dwayne Hicks were changed to Billie and Lance Corporal Wilks. After the Aliens3 movie invalidated this storyline, Dark Horse changed the names of these characters in later printings to avoid confusion. This story is set many years after the movie Aliens, as the character of Newt/Billie is now an adult.

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