Secret Wars II #4 [Direct]
(October 1985)

Marvel, 1985 Series
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Love Is the Answer! (Table of Contents: 1)

Secret Wars / comic story / 26 pages (report information)

Jim Shooter (credited)
Al Milgrom (credited)
Steve Leialoha (credited as Leialoha) (pages 1-23); Joe Rubinstein (credited as Rubinstein) (pages 24-26)
Christie Scheele (credited as Max Scheele)
Joe Rosen (credited as J. Rosen) (pages 1-11); ? [as friends] (pages 12-26)

First Line of Dialogue or Text
She is Sharon Ing ...
Alpha Flight [Aurora [Jeanne-Marie Beaubier]; Northstar [Jean-Paul Beaubier]; Puck [Eugene Judd]; Shaman [Michael Twoyoungmen]; Snowbird [Narya]]; The Avengers [The Black Knight [Dane Whitman] (illusion); Captain America [Steve Rogers] (illusion); Captain Marvel [Monica Rambeau] (illusion); Hercules (illusion); Starfox [Eros] (illusion); Wasp [Janet Van Dyne] (illusion)]; Cindy Adams (cameo); Beyonder; Alison Blaire; Captain America [Steve Rogers] (cameo); Brandy Clark (cameo); Molecule Man [Owen Reece]; Ronald Reagan (cameo); Rom (cameo); Silver Surfer [Norrin Radd] (cameo); The Thing [Ben Grimm] (cameo); Volcana [Marsha Rosenberg]; Sharon Ing; Kurse [Algrim the Elf] (cameo); a Dire Wraith (cameo); O.Z. Chase (cameo); Alpha Flight [Box [Dr. Walter Langkowski]; Heather Hudson; Talisman]
The Beyonder wishes to explore the human concept of desire and picks Dazzler (whom he calls possibly the most powerful mutant to walk the planet) as his new love interest. Despite all of his best efforts at wining and dining, gift giving, emotional manipulation and showing off with his powers, he finds that the only way he can make her fall for him is to control her mind and force her. Finding this to be unfulfilling, he releases her from his control and abandons his quest.

Indexer Notes

Continued in Dazzler (Marvel, 1981 series) #40, Alpha Flight (Marvel, 1983 series) #28, Rom (Marvel, 1979 series) #72 and the Avengers (Marvel, 1963 series) #261.

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