Secret Wars II #7 [Direct]
(January 1986)

Marvel, 1985 Series
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Marvel [standalone or inside vertical box]
Bob Budiansky (credited) (editor); Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)

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The Beyonder..."Against All Evil!" (Table of Contents)

Secret Wars / cover / 1 page (report information)

Al Milgrom (signed as Milgrom)
Steve Leialoha (signed as Leialoha)

Abomination [Emil Blonsky]; Absorbing Man [Crusher Creel]; Baron Mordo; Beyonder; Blastaar; Blob [Frederick Dukes]; Crimson Dynamo; Diablo [Esteban Corazón de Ablo]; Doctor Doom [Victor Von Doom]; Doctor Octopus [Otto Octavius]; Electro [Max Dillon]; Enchantress [Amora]; The Executioner [Skurge]; Grim Reaper [Eric Williams]; Hobgoblin [Roderick Kingsley]; Juggernaut [Cain Marko]; Kang; Kraven the Hunter [Sergei Kravinoff]; M.O.D.O.K. [George Tarleton]; Ultron; The Vulture [Adrian Toomes]

Charge of the Dark Brigade! (Table of Contents: 1)

Secret Wars / comic story / 25 pages (report information)

Jim Shooter (credited)
Al Milgrom (credited)
Steve Leialoha (credited)
Julianna Ferriter (credited)
Joe Rosen (credited as Rosen); ? [as FRIENDS]

First Line of Dialogue or Text
In a dark, infernal dimension, his satanic majesty Mephisto broods.
Avengers West Coast [Hawkeye [Clint Barton] (cameo flashback); Iron Man [Tony Stark] (cameo flashback); Mockingbird [Bobbi Morse] (cameo flashback); Tigra [Greer Nelson] (cameo flashback); Wonder Man [Simon Williams] (cameo flashback)]; New Mutants [Cannonball [Sam Guthrie] (cameo); Cypher [Doug Ramsey] (cameo); Karma [Xi'an Coy Manh] (cameo); Magma [Amara Aquilla] (cameo); Mirage [Dani Moonstar] (cameo); Sunspot [Roberto Da Costa] (cameo); Warlock; Wolfsbane [Rahne Sinclair] (cameo)]; X-Men [Colossus [Piotr Rasputin] (cameo); Magneto [Erik Lehnsherr] (cameo); Nightcrawler [Kurt Wagner] (cameo); Phoenix [Rachel Summers] (cameo); Rogue [Anna Marie] (cameo); Shadowcat [Kitty Pryde] (cameo); Storm [Ororo Munroe] (cameo); Wolverine [Logan] (cameo)]; Abomination [Emil Blonsky]; Absorbing Man [Crusher Creel]; Baron Mordo; Beyonder; Blastaar; Captain America [Steve Rogers] (cameo flashback); Cyclops [Scott Summers] (cameo flashback); Death; Diablo [Esteban Corazón de Ablo]; Doctor Doom [Victor Von Doom]; Doctor Octopus [Otto Octavius]; Electro [Max Dillon]; Enchantress [Amora] (cameo flashback); Eon (cameo); Eternity; Galactus [Galan] (cameo); The Gardener [Ord Zyonz] (cameo); Ed Garner (vision cameo); Graviton [Franklin Hall]; Daniel Grimm (vision cameo); Hobgoblin [Roderick Kingsley]; Hulk [Bruce Banner] (cameo flashback); Human Torch [Johnny Storm] (cameo flashback); The In-Betweener (cameo); Invisible Woman [Susan Storm Richards] (vision cameo); Juggernaut [Cain Marko]; Kang; Klaw [Ulysses Klaue] (cameo flashback); Kraven the Hunter [Sergei Kravinoff]; The Living Tribunal (cameo); Lizard [Curt Connors] (cameo flashback); Lord Chaos (cameo); Master Order (cameo); Alicia Masters (vision cameo); Mephisto; Molecule Man [Owen Reece]; Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards] (cameo flashback); Rhino [Aleksei Sytsevich]; She-Hulk [Jennifer Walters] (cameo flashback); Silver Samurai [Kenuichio Harada]; Spider-Man [Peter Parker] (cameo); The Thing [Ben Grimm] (also in flashback); Titania [Mary MacPherran]; Ultron; Vanisher [Telford Porter]; Volcana [Marsha Rosenberg]; The Vulture [Adrian Toomes]; White Queen [Emma Frost]; Wizard [Bentley Wittman]; Wrecker [Dirk Garthwaite]; Ed Strunk; Celestial (cameo); Streczletski (Ben Grimm's coach, vision cameo); "Hopper" Hertneky; Bitterhorn; Allen; Judy
Baffled by his time on Earth, the Beyonder finds a deserted island and simply sits down to think. Even there, people take notice of him and begin to form a "thinking" cult based around his example. The Thing, who is shooting a movie on a nearby island, is disgusted by it all. After a series of visions (courtesy of Mephisto), he swims out to beat up on the Beyonder. Instead, he ends up protecting the Beyonder from an army of villains who have been sent to take him out and unintentionally thwarts Mephisto's plans of using a portion of the Beyonder's own power to defeat him.

Indexer Notes

Continued in the New Mutants (Marvel, 1983 series) #36, the Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, 1963 series) #273, the Defenders (Marvel, 1972 series) #152 and the Spectacular Spider-Man (Marvel, 1976 series) #111.

The "Where's the Cap'n?" Mystery (Table of Contents: 2) (Expand) /

Cap'n Crunch; Spider-Man / comics-form advertising / 2 pages (report information)

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Series Information
Table of Contents
  1. 0. The Beyonder..."Against All Evil!"
    Secret Wars
  2. 1. Charge of the Dark Brigade!
    Secret Wars
  3. 2. The "Where's the Cap'n?" Mystery
    Cap'n Crunch; Spider-Man
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