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Bat-Mite; Mr. Mxyzptlk / cover / 1 page (report information)

Brian Bolland (signed)
Brian Bolland (signed)
Brian Bolland (signed)

Mr. Mxyzptlk; Bat-Mite (both are fighting over several versions of Batman and Superman that are all dead)

Last Imp Standing! (Table of Contents: 1)

Bat-Mite; Mr. Mxyzptlk / comic story / 62 pages (report information)

Evan Dorkin
Dave Gibbons (pages 1-18, 60-62); Mike Allred (page 19); Sheldon Moldoff (pages 20, 21); Stuart Immonen (page 22); Frank Cho (pages 23, 24); Jaime Hernandez (pages 25-27); Scott Shaw! (page 28); Stephen DeStefano (page 29); Jim Woodring (pages 30-32); David Mazzucchelli (pages 33-36); Jay Stephens (pages 37-39); Glen Murakami (pages 40, 41); Frank Miller (pages 42-44); Doug Mahnke (pages 45-48); Phil Jimenez (pages 49-52); Ty Templeton (pages 53-56); Alex Ross (painted, pages 57-59)
Dave Gibbons (pages 1-18, 60-62); Mike Allred (page 19); Sheldon Moldoff (pages 20, 21); Joe Giella (page 22); Frank Cho (pages 23, 24); Jaime Hernandez (pages 25-27); Scott Shaw! (page 28); Stephen DeStefano (page 29); Jim Woodring (pages 30-32); David Mazzucchelli (pages 33-36); Jay Stephens (pages 37-39); Bruce Timm (pages 40-41); Frank Miller (pages 42-44); Norm Rapmund (pages 45-48); Phil Jimenez (pages 49-52); Ty Templeton (pages 53-56); Alex Ross (painted, pages 57-59)
Chris Chuckry (colors and separations, pages 1-32, 37-39, 42-56, 60-62); David Mazzucchelli (colors and separator, pages 33-36); Alex Ross (painted, pages 57-59)
Tom Orzechowski

Mr. Mxyzptlk; Bat-Mite

(Earth One) Superman; Batman; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Lex Luthor; Joker; Lois Lane; Perry White; Jimmy Olsen; Batwoman; Bat-Girl [Betty Kane]; Supergirl; Ace, the Bat-hound

The Legion of Super-Pets [Krypto, the Super-Dog; Streaky, the Super-Cat; Beppo, the Super-Monkey; Comet the Super-Horse]

The Justice League of America [Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Wonder Woman; Martian Manhunter; Atom; Flash [Barry Allen]; Green Arrow; Aquaman; Snapper Carr]

the Legion of Super-Heroes [Star Boy; Colossal Boy; Ultra Boy; Phantom Girl; Matter-Eater Lad; Element Lad; Light Lass; Saturn Girl; Cosmic Boy; Invisible Kid; Lightning Lad; Triplicate Girl; Brainiac 5; Bouncing Boy; Shrinking Violet; Timber Wolf]

the Spectre; denizens of the Phantom Zone [Mon-El; General Zod, unnamed others]

(Earth Two) the Justice Society of America [Superman; Dr. Fate; Hawkman; Starman; Batman; Johnny Thunder; Atom; Dr. Mid-Nite; Hourman; Green Lantern; Flash; Thunderbolt; Spectre]

(Earth Three) Crime Syndicate of America [Ultra Man; Superwoman; Power Ring; Owlman; Johnny Quick]

(Earth-X) the Freedom Fighters [Uncle Sam; the Ray; Phantom Lady; Doll Man; Black Condor; Human Bomb]

(Earth-S) Captain Nazi; Black Adam; Mr. Atom; Dr. Sivana; Mr. Banjo; Ibac; Alligator Man; Mr. Mind; Captain Marvel; Mary Marvel; Captain Marvel, Jr.; the Three Lieutenant Marvels [Hill Billy; Fat Billy; Tall Billy]; Mr. Tawky Tawny; Uncle Marvel; Hoppy the Marvel Bunny

(Earth-C) The Zoo Crew [Captain Carrot; Rubberduck; Yankee Poodle; Fastback; Alley Kat-Abra; Pig Iron; Little Cheese]

denizens of the Fifth Dimension;

(Apokolips) Darkseid; Kalibak; DeSaad; Kanto; Vermin Vunderbarr; Granny Goodness; Dr. Bedlam

(cartoon versions of the heroes) the Super Friends [Superman; Batman; Robin; Aquaman; Wonder Woman; Wendy; Marvin; Wonder Dog; Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins; Gleep, their monkey]; animated versions of Superman and Batman

(Dark Knight) Superman; Batman; Oliver Queen; Robin [Carrie Kelly]

(current DC versions of the heroes) Tempest; Creeper; Starman [Jack Knight]; Black Canary; Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Peiter Cross]; Zauriel; Huntress; Hitman; Hourman (android); Impulse; Nightwing; Red Tornado; Lobo; Artemis; Mr. Miracle; Warrior [Guy Gardner]; Batman; Aquaman

(Crisis versions of the heroes) Superman; Batman; Kid Flash [Wally West]; Ragman; Question; Deadman; Dr. Fate; Hawkwoman; Captain Marvel; Zatanna; Cyborg; Changeling; Firestorm [Ronnie Raymond]; Firehawk; Robotman; Nuklon; Uncle Sam; Peacemaker; Dr. Light [Kimiyo Hoshi]; Wonder Girl; Fury; Silver Scarab; Steel [Hank Heywood III]; Martian Manhunter; Dream Girl; Spectre; Hawkman [Katar Hol]; Geo-Force; Tempest; Blue Devil; Air Wave; Jade; Ray; Negative Woman; Lead; Tin; Brainiac 5; Aqualad; Power Girl; Blue Beetle; Phantom Lady; Northwind; Batgirl; Obsidian; Black Canary; Green Arrow; Elongated Man; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Celsius; Hawkgirl; Halo; Metamorpho; Katana; Black Lightning; Aquaman; Robin [Jason Todd]; Harbinger; Pariah; Psycho Pirate; Solovar; Red Star; Shining Knight; Liberty Belle; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Wildfire; B'wana Beast; Dawnstar; Nemesis; Adam Strange; Demon; Element Lad; Animal Man; Mercury; Vigilante [Greg Sanders]; Vigilante [Adrian Chase]; Plastic Man; Atom; Vibe; Mon-El; Thunderbolt [Peter Cannon]; Speedy; Sensor Girl; Red Tornado [Ma Hunkle]; Robby Reed; Dolphin; Green Lantern [Guy Gardner]; Merryman; Dumb Bunny; Human Bomb; Hawk; Lady Quark; Captain Atom; Lightning Lad; Dr. Occult; Wildat [Yolanda Montez]; Brainwave; Gypsy; Ambush Bug; Mr. Miracle; Mary Marvel; Platinum; (as posters on a wall): Nightwing; Starfire; Jericho; Cyborg; Wonder Girl;

(misc times and worlds) Rip Hunter and his Time Masters; the Atomic Knights; Jonah Hex; Cinnamon; Bat Lash; El Diablo; Blue Beetle; Question Judomaster; Tiger; Captain Atom; Peacemaker; Enemy Ace; Amethyst; Deadman; Miss Liberty; Tomahawk; Sgt. Rock and Easy Company; Kamandi; Space Cabbie; Ultra, the Multi-Alien; Booster Gold; Skeets; Tangent heroes [Superman; Green Lantern; Batman]; 'Mazing Man; Sugar and Spike; Arion; Stanley and his Monster; Tommy Tomorrow; Justice Legion A; Space Ranger; Anthro; Travis Morgan, the Warlord; Super-Turtle; Star Hunters [Donovan Flint]; Inferior 5 [Blimp; Awkward Man; Dumb Bunny; White Feather; Merryman]; Abra Kadabra; Reverse-Flash; OMAC; Batman Beyond

(Kingdom Come world) Gog; Pinwheel; Captain Marvel; Superman; Wonder Woman; Batman; Flash; Kid Flash; Firefly; 666; Sunburst; Wildcat; Jade; Bat-hound; Creeper; Hourman; Hawkman; Aleena Strange; Blue Beetle; Aquagirl; Spectre; Norman McKay; Bulletman; Power Woman; Red Robin; Cyborg; Mr. Scarlet; Black Canary [Olivia Queen]; Nightstar; Darkstar; Oliver Queen; Red Arrow; Troia; Aquaman; Stripes; Nucleoid; Joker's Daughter; Starman; Atom-Smasher; Dr. Mid-Nite; Barda (appearences by all except the Imps are cameos)
Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk duel each other over vast universes and timelines. Wacky hijinks ensue.

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents: 2)

text article / 2 pages (report information)



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