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Publisher Issue Publication Date On-sale Date
USBarkbox Bark vs Toxicritters (2018 series) #80 2018
USBrown Shoe Co. Buster Brown Comic Book (1945 series) #43 [The Bon Marche Palace] [Summer 1956]
USHeroes All Company Heroes All: Catholic Action Illustrated (1943 series) #v5#22 December 25, 1947 1947
USSuperior Coach Corporation Joe Palooka School Bus Safety Tips (1950 series) #[nn] 1950 1950
USTownsend-Ueberchein The Knicker (1931 series) 1931
USMagazine Enterprises Major Inapak the Space Ace (1951 series) #1 1951
USKendall Company Miss Curity Comic Book (1953 series) #D-163-8 1953
USAntarctic Press Ninja High School Talks About Comic Printing (1993 series) #1 1993 1993
USRadio Shack The Science Fair Story of Electronics: Man's Discovery That Changed the World (1974 series) #[nn] 1974

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